Allelife’s HR policy is based on committed and competent employees that grow together with the company. At the heart of our HR processes lies the “Competence Model” that allows us to efficiently manage knowledge in our organization, and to gain competitive advantage. We make every effort to base our HR policy on compliance, ethics and mutual respect. For this reason, Allelife have become a desirable  workplace. We strive to recruit the best from the very beginning. We invest in the development of the younger generation by such endeavors as the Information Technology Olympics and student internships.

Professional success

Professional success is strongly related to developing unique competences:

  • focus on quality
  • customer-first orientation
  • innovativeness
  • teamwork
  • openness to changes
  • honesty and openness in both external and internal communications
  • results-based orientation
  • respect for competitors
  • constant raising of qualifications


With regard to HR, we focus on a number of areas


We support not only the professional fields of interest of our employees. We invest in sports, recreation and health. For all our employees, we offer a broad social benefits package. Also, maintaining a good environment in the workplace is important to us. We strive to be open to our employees’ expectations, and work to maintain favorable working conditions.


A highly qualified team has always been an important asset for growing organizations. Therefore, we continue to invest in the intellectual potential of our employees, and we help them to improve their professional skills in line with the company’s strategic direction. Allelife’s training policy is based on investing in intellectual potential. Through our training policy, we make sure that our customers receive top quality service.


We put great emphasis on developing internal communication skills, especially on such factors as trust, openness, respect, growth, cooperation and loyalty.

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