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Advance Solution to meet asset management and tracking needs of Hotels, Government agencies, educational institutions, healthcare organizations, and small to medium businesses.

Asset Management & Tracking

Asset Tracking solutions makes it simple to manage your organization’s valuable assets, from IT assets, Office Equipment, Vehicles, Tools, Medical Equipment, and more. Mobile Asset allows you to instantly locate any asset, eliminating wasted time spent searching for missing items and unnecessary expenses to replace lost assets. The asset tracking software features an easy-to-use interface, keeping the data you need at your fingertips, without unnecessary complexity:

Spend less time searching for lost, misplaced or unreturned assets.

Extend the useful life of your equipment by scheduling routine maintenance.

Eliminate unnecessary expenses to replace lost items.

Track check-in and check-out to ensure accountability.

Easily access data on asset cost and depreciation.


  • Web based solution with options of standalone deployment.
  • Supports Mobile data collection using barcode, RFID and wireless technology.
  • Tracks assets from Purchase to disposal with ability to track maintenance and service records.
  • Integrated email and SMS notification alerts.
  • RTLS feature for valuable assets using RFID technology and security alerts for unauthorized movements of assets.
  • Attach unlimited documents (e.g. invoice, warranty cards )and pictures for assets.

Manage Your Organization’s Assets

  • Check assets in or out to customers ad employees
  • Assign due-date and due-time when checking assets out
  • Transfer asset responsibility to another individual while checked out Track assets by site, location, department, item and serial number
  • Move assets by location, department, purchase order or custom filter Update a selected group of assets instantly using mass update feature Capture purchase order, invoice and warranty details
  • Attach any type of file to an asset for easy reference Include a hyperlink in an asset record
  • Track data in up to 20 custom fields to ensure a perfect fit for your environment Audit your assets on a mobile device

Access Information Quickly and Securely

  • Department-level security ensures data integrity
  • Instantly view powerful management reports, including transaction and audit history, check-out reports, and maintenance records
  • Create, save and share custom filters for lists to view the right information for your business

Mobile Computer Capabilities

  • Check assets in or out.
  • Audit your assets away from the PC.
  • Add, remove, adjust, move, and retrieve detailed information about your organization’s assets anywhere you go.

Asset Tagging Procedure

Tag on the move  (Serial Numbered Tagging)


Mobile Computing



Asset Management Solution Series

Trusted solution for all of your Asset Management & Tracking needs.

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