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Microsoft Dynamics Pay Part, Manage all your
payroll function within Dynamics.

Microsoft Dynamics Pay Part

The payroll department is not only responsible for employees’ salary compensation, but it also plays a vital role in protecting the company’s reputation by ensuring compliance with various legislations.  A critical aspect of payroll is its impact on the morale of the employees. Employees need to feel assured that they can be paid on a consistent and timely basis. A late and inaccurate payroll might cause employees to question the financial stability of the organisation.

Pay Part Core

Automate your payroll process and financial posting within your Dynamic solution.


Automate the payroll process by calculating monthly packages and benefits based on automatic calculations of additions and deductions. Automatic payroll calculation as per the Payroll assigned.



Automate time keeping and scheduling tasks. Time and Attendance workflow including time submission, approval, and rejection – Automatic calculation of attendance, overtime and accruals based on your own rules and UAE laws.


Automate leave management and calculations. Leave workflow, like leave submission, approval, balance and rejection – Setup official holidays as per company rules and UAE laws.



Empower your employees to easily find relevant information and apply for HR services (Leave, Resumption, Pay Slip, NOC’s etc.) from the comfort of their desk, tablet or smartphone. Reduce manual work, errors, and wasted paper by automating employee requests through your own branded portal.

Salient Features

  • Multi Company
  • Multi Currency
  • Single / Multi User
  • Multi Country Support
  • Security
  • Leave Management
  • WPS & SIF File
  • Timesheet
  • MIS Reports


  • Company Module – Supports Multi Company set up, Multiple Organization Levels – Cost center, Department, Unit, Section,etc .
  • Country / Currency Module – Supports Multi Country, Multi-Currency Payroll processing
  • Grades Module – Supports de?nition of Employee Grades. Grade Level limits – salary, increments, allowances, max. Payouts, etc.
  • Employee Module – Employee Personal Information, O?cial Information, Family Details, Emergency Contacts, Passport, Visa, Labor card / work permit, related information.
  • Earnings / Deductions Module – supports unlimited earnings / Deductions Type – Basic Salary, Allowances – House Rent, Car, Petrol, Conveyance, Education – school Fees, Air Tickets, Advances, Loan recovery, etc.
  • Attendance / Leave Module – supports employee attendance / leave details.
  • Overtime Module – supports multiple OT rates, overtime data entry.
  • Incentives / Bonus Module – Supports user de?ned multiple incentives, Bonus with compa-ny de?ned criteria and accruals.
  • Formula Builder Module – supports de?nition of formulae for earnings, Deductions, Indemnity Accruals, Pension, etc.
  • Letter Wizard Module (Optional) – Supports various letter formats and letter generation.
  • Increment Module – supports various increment criteria based on grades, employee performance, etc. Retrospective increments (Arrears).
  • Transfer / Promotion Module – Supports recording and tracking of employee transfer, Promotion details.
  • Loan Management Module – Supports multiple loans – Company loan, Personal loan, Car loan, Third party(Bank Loan). Loan letter record, Loan recovery / Repayment and loan reports.•
  • Pay Periods Module – Supports ?exible pay periods – Monthly, weekly, etc.
  • Holiday Maintenance.
  • Processing Module – Supports ?exible payroll process – Company level, Cost Center / Department Level, Employee Type, Single Employee. Payroll Reprocessing features. Multiple payment options – Cash, Check, BankTransfer.
  • EOS Bene?ts Module – Supports Employee Resignation, Termination, Settlement, EOS Calculations based on Country Labour Laws or Company Rules, Bene?ts accruals. Pre- Settlement reports with option.
  • Payroll Reports – Employee Register, Document Expiry reports – Passport, Visa, etc., Payroll Register, Payslips, Bank Transfer Statement, Payroll Reconciliation, Total Cost Of Employee, etc.•
  • MIS Reports – Focused towards management needs.
  • GL Mapping (Optional) – Employee costs mapped to various GL Accounting codes. Budget Vs Actual com-parisons.
  • Admin Security Module – Supports multiple level data entry, veri?cation, and approval checks. User de-?ned module / function level security features. Fully secured system. Data backup / Recovery functions
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