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Microsoft Dynamics AX is a multilanguage, multicurrency enterprise resource planning (ERP) business solution with comprehensive global business management features for mid-size to large enterprises. It is the most robust, scalable, and functionally rich enterprise resource planning system in the Microsoft Dynamics family of products. The system was originally known as Axapta and it is the on-premises enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution for your enterprise.

A PO line in other solutions might have 20 fields, a PO line in AX has 120 fields that drive system behavior and functionality.


Supply Chain Management with Dynamics AX 2012 R3

There are a number of new features in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3 that greatly enhance the functionality of the system and its applicability to existing business processes. As one of the few Microsoft Dynamics AX partners with one customer successfully running AX 2012 R3 and three others in the midst of an implementation, Allelife has gained valuable project experience with the new features in R3. The new features in this release give businesses broader control and visibility of their supply chain with new functionality for warehouse management, transportation management, demand forecasting, and omni-channel retailing.


Warehouse Management in Dynamics AX 2012 R3

The new Warehouse Management module helps organizations provide flexibility, and choice to customers. The automation of warehouse processes helps reduce operational costs which can be translated into lower prices for customers.


Features of the warehouse management in Dynamics AX include the ability to:


  • Configure inbound and outbound intelligent workflows.
  • Meet customer demands with advanced picking strategies including cluster picking.
  • Create and release work through automatic or manual processing of waves.
  • Set up cycle counting thresholds, schedule plans, apply ad-hoc cycle counting and configure real-time replenishment.
  • Optimize transportation loads with containerization of shipments including auto volume and weight calculations.


In addition, handheld device capability comes out of the box which gives warehouse workers scanning precision and enhanced performance in the picking and put-away processes.


Transportation Management in Dynamics AX 2012 R3

The addition of a Transportation Management System (TMS) to Dynamics AX will benefit manufacturing, distribution, and retail companies in that it has the flexibility to support changing and growing business demands for global enterprise transportation planning and execution. The transportation management system allows users to:


  • Plan transportation for inbound and outbound shipments, manage routes and consolidate shipments.
  • Configure rating structures and shop for rates, based on charges such as fuel and tolls.
  • View driver check-in and check-out history and driver logs.


Retail Features in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3

Within AX 2012 R3, the retail functionality has been greatly expanded to include several new and critical pieces. Though there are many notable features, here are the top five:


  • Call Center Sales – This is a new channel that can be used for order entry, order processing, and order fulfillment. It offers omni-channel retail capabilities, such as the ability to:
    • Associate details with sales items (images, purchase order information, delivery dates).
    • Define call center scripting at the start of the order, end of order, and by product or cross-sell/upsell and catalog specific scripts.
    • Put orders on hold and review and cancel/release as needed.
    • Define a billing schedule, for example, with “4 easy payments”.
    • Manage mail order catalogs, for example, the ability to sell or return products that are not assorted to the store.


  • Modern Point-of-Sale (POS) – The modern POS in Dynamics AX 2012 R3 includes the basics around tender/transaction, but now it also extends into assisted sales offering which consolidates customers’ purchase intelligence such as sales history, transaction details, and wish lists. Sales associates also have the ability to disassemble or reconfigure kits or sell, return, or exchange kit products at the point of sale.
  • eCommerce – The online retail functionality enables retailers to improve customer engagement by delivering an out-of-box shopping experience. Retailers now have the ability to offer customer specific pricing, omni-channel wish lists and flexible delivery options (e.g., splitting orders, buy online and pick-up at the store).
  • Pricing and Promotions – Offer threshold discounts based on total transaction value (e.g., $15 off when you buy $100 or more), set category pricing rules, manage pricing/discounts for catalogs and catalog products, and record all discounts across all channels and report on them.
  • Loyalty Programs – Configure various loyalty programs, loyalty tiers and loyalty tier rules and issue loyalty cards in any channel as well as the option of accrual/redemption of loyalty points in any channel Gift Cards – manage gift cards seamlessly regardless of channel – POS, mobile clients, eCommerce, call centers.


Demand Forecasting In Dynamics AX 2012 R3

Demand Forecasting is a set of tools that enables organizations to estimate future demand and create demand forecasts based on historical transaction data, adjust the forecasted demand using Microsoft Excel, and import the values into Microsoft Dynamics AX forecast models.

In addition to helping improve the accuracy of forecasts and improve product availability and minimize inventory costs, the demand forecasting process also includes the following capabilities:


  • Create a baseline forecast from historical demand data.
  • Import a demand forecast to Microsoft Dynamics AX so specific companies and forecast models can use the forecast data as input to master planning.
  • Create forecasts per product family and choose the desired inventory dimensions to include in the forecast.

Our Approach

If you’ve decided to implement a Microsoft Dynamics AX for your business, you will need a partner to facilitate the implementation. We’re here to help! Microsoft Dynamics AX works right out of the box,  however configuring the system to your needs is essential. Let us get to know your business and understand how Microsoft Dynamics AX can help address your pain points. We’ll create a solution customized to your business needs, so you can be more efficient and sell more.


Allelife is Microsoft’s Dynamics AX partner and we offer local expertise.


Microsoft has introduced a structured implementation methodology called Sure Step to help partners address some of these challenges. Allelife implements the Microsoft Dynamics Sure Step Methodology, enabling us to deliver a successful Microsoft Dynamics implementation each and every time.


The Sure Step Vision

To deliver an ever-evolving, world-class methodology to partners for Microsoft Dynamics customer engagements.

To help partners take advantage of the latest best practices, new tools developed by Microsoft Dynamics product teams, and changes in Microsoft Dynamics software.

To help partners achieve high customer satisfaction, increase channel productivity, and improve profits.

Sure Step can help partners increase successful implementations, decrease employee ramp-up time, and improve revenue by closing more customer deals. Partners who fully adopt and embrace Sure Step will be better able to perform customer implementations on time, on budget, and on spec.


What Is Microsoft Dynamics Sure Step?

The Microsoft Dynamics Sure Step Methodology is a comprehensive customer engagement methodology describing the processes and disciplines necessary to implement Microsoft Dynamics products such as Microsoft Dynamics AX, NAV and CRM.

Because implementations have many similarities across these products, Sure Step has been structured as a general methodology with a product-specific layer for each product. The general content consists primarily of prescriptive phase-by-phase and activity-by-activity descriptions for completing an implementation and also includes information on the Project Management discipline. The product-specific content is represented by tools and templates as well as hyperlinks to materials that can be found outside of the tool.


Benefits of Microsoft Dynamics Sure Step

A consistent methodology, project management tools and advice, and field-tested best practices – all within user-friendly tools – that enables Allelife to more efficiently deploy, migrate to, configure, and upgrade Microsoft Dynamics solutions.

Drives productivity by providing a consistent approach and a standard set of tools and templates that help ensure customers’ projects are completed efficiently, adding immediate business value, which promotes high customer satisfaction.

Helps Allelife to work more easily with other partners – as well as with Microsoft Consultants, when appropriate – on large, multi-site, or multi-region implementations. It also helps us work more efficiently with independent software vendors (ISVs) who provide third-party solutions or expertise.

Assurance that we are using the same approach as others involved in the project to drive toward a successful customer implementation.

Proven Methology for Your Business Transformation



  • Assess

  • We start by listening and understanding your focus areas.
    • A detailed technical analysis of your technology environment, looking at all variables, including server, storage, backup, network and more
    • An exploration of all relevant financial factors that impact the project
    • Understanding your organizational structure, workflows, security requirements and goals
    • Working with key stakeholders to identify your business drivers and focus areas, as well as risks, constraints, budgets and timelines

  • Design

  • We begin to construct a roadmap that leads you where you want to be.
    • Discussion surrounding private, public, and hybrid cloud options
    • Review of best-of-breed technologies across multiple manufacturers
    • Insight into cutting-edge technologies tested out in the Cloud Integration Lab
    • Architecture and integration experience across multiple manufacturers and with existing platforms

  • Transform

  • We work collaboratively with your team to ensure success.
    • Project management to ensure structure and accountability to the project plan
    • Consultants to help align the technology solution to the identified business requirements
    • Architects to maintain the integrity of the designed solution
    • Implementation engineers to work with your team to deploy and integrate the solution

  • Manage

  • Ensuring your success moving forward.
    • Knowledge transfer from the our team prior to finalizing the deployment
    • Documentation of pertinent information to ensure your team is fully empowered to manage the solution moving forward
    • Optional our India managed services offerings to provide monitoring, support, and management of the solution from our 24×7 Network Operations Center
    • Access to our team of experts after the project in the case of follow-up questions or issues

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