Allows you to make sales faster. Manage inventory like never before, create any sales report and make your business  stronger and more efficient

Managing and growing your business profitably wasn’t so easy before. Thanks to information technology it is easier than ever for businesses to implement and manage enterprise applications and manage business operations accurately and hassle-free.


Point of Sale is the point at which a customer makes a purchase and the merchant prepares an invoice, providing options for the former to make payment. The merchant issues a receipt upon receiving payment. Offers the retailer a way to control inventory, manage customers and track sales.


Sales Management

Produce more revenue by keeping your staff motivated and working hard!  The more productive they are, the more money you’ll make.

  • Employee Scorecards – Keep a pulse on who’s performing, and who’s not.
  • Real-Time Dashboard – Never lose control of your business—view up-to-the-minute stats on every transaction.
  • Employees Motivation – Tools Motivate your team and increase sales with a built-in competition.
  • Controlled Negotiation – Train your team to upsell by using the “spare”.



Manage, analyze and understand every aspect of your income and expenses. Spend more time generating sales or opening up that new shop you’ve been dreaming about, and less time behind the computer.

  • Profit & Loss Report – reports keep you in control. Always know exactly where you stand.
  • Reporting – Understand every aspect of your business with customizable reports
  • Price lists – Sell the same items with different prices across locations.
    Expense Management – A simple way to track & analyze your expenses.


Operations Management

Operate your retail business efficiently and effectively so that you can maximize growth. Innovation, automation and evaluation will keep things running smoothly.

  • Inventory Management – Generate automatic inventory reports & receive notifications when you’re running low.
  • Location Analytics – Keep your business organized across multiple locations.
  • Wholesale Purchase Order – Submit orders with a click of a button.


Features of Grocery POS System.


  1. Multi-language support: Can customize the package for any language.
  2. Security and users: Keep a firm grip on who is logging into your system and at what time by viewing the event log. Protect your business with owner-defined security and determine what permissions each security profile will have. Each Screen and functions like Credit, Void, cancel, Price change, Discounts, Day end closing and Reports are completely under Security user levels. The user Levels are configured as follows: Cashier / Chief Cashier / Supervisor / Manager / Programmer
  3. POINTS & REWARDS: Rewards programs as a means of strengthening the relationships with customers. Retailers must apply strong focus and make the right investments in their rewards programs to stay at the forefront and keep their customers loyal.
  4. Tax Codes (VAT): Complete VAT taxation feature for countries where taxation is required.
  5. Windows and Web based: Supports cross-platforms (Windows, Mobile, Android tab, Ipad) regardless of any standard web browsers is true responsive design.

Our Approach

Proven Methology for Your Business Transformation



  • Assess

  • We start by listening and understanding your focus areas.
    • A detailed technical analysis of your technology environment, looking at all variables, including server, storage, backup, network and more
    • An exploration of all relevant financial factors that impact the project
    • Understanding your organizational structure, workflows, security requirements and goals
    • Working with key stakeholders to identify your business drivers and focus areas, as well as risks, constraints, budgets and timelines

  • Design

  • We begin to construct a roadmap that leads you where you want to be.
    • Discussion surrounding private, public, and hybrid cloud options
    • Review of best-of-breed technologies across multiple manufacturers
    • Insight into cutting-edge technologies tested out in the Cloud Integration Lab
    • Architecture and integration experience across multiple manufacturers and with existing platforms

  • Transform

  • We work collaboratively with your team to ensure success.
    • Project management to ensure structure and accountability to the project plan
    • Consultants to help align the technology solution to the identified business requirements
    • Architects to maintain the integrity of the designed solution
    • Implementation engineers to work with your team to deploy and integrate the solution

  • Manage

  • Ensuring your success moving forward.
    • Knowledge transfer from the our team prior to finalizing the deployment
    • Documentation of pertinent information to ensure your team is fully empowered to manage the solution moving forward
    • Optional our India managed services offerings to provide monitoring, support, and management of the solution from our 24×7 Network Operations Center
    • Access to our team of experts after the project in the case of follow-up questions or issues

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