Dynamically innovate as the market change and efficiently expand to multichannel, multilanguage and multicurrency environments

We help companies comfortably hit their revenue growth targets with the perfect mix of online presence, mobile outreach and sophisticated backend capabilities. We deliver personalized and optimized experiences and innovate as the market changes and expand quickly. We provide a proven, scalable, modern platform, business-user control and omnichannel support which empowers marketers and merchants to manage omnichannel experience.

Sana Commerce

Sana Commerce helps manufacturers and wholesalers, distributors efficiently run their business and improve their customer service. How? Through easy order processing and a 24/7 online access of product information. Sana eCommerce software makes B2B e-commerce simple to setup and run because it seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Dynamics.

Web Stores

We offer development of e-stores, coupon and drop shipping websites for a variety of product types, including consumer goods, digital assets and media distribution, food ordering, business services and customer care.

B2C Marketplace

We create SaaS-based multi-seller platforms with advanced marketplace functionality, including powerful promotional tools, easy product management, multi-lingual, multi-currency enablement, convenient order management, secure payment gateways, etc

B2B Trading Networks

We ‘help qualitatively transform interactions and transactions between businesses and their trading partners – suppliers, collaborators, subsidiaries, and large institutional customers – by delivering reliable and robust technology solutions.


Our technological expertise helps us resolve the most challenging tasks for online auction trade, including implementation of bidding systems, multiple auction type support, items configuration, voice and video streaming and real-time operations support.


E-procurement applications delivered by us facilitate critical activities across all steps of the acquisition process, from sourcing (PRF, quotes, bidding) through contract lifecycle management to procure–to-pay processes.

Booking / Ticketing Platforms

We are proficient at delivering secure, transactions-heavy and load-resistant booking and reservation applications with advanced functionality and smooth integration with 3rd party services.

Our Approach

We develop leading-edge e-commerce solutions, be it full-featured systems or specific modules, and integrates them into the rest of your corporate infrastructure. Extensive experience in designing, developing and maintaining corporate management systems enable us to ensure most comprehensive support of your e-commerce driven business.

e-commerce Transformation Series

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